For a story about how bank branches are just costing too much money for various companies. And how they are jettisoning them off in order to keep looking like they're doing fine
Lenders: For section about "How real estate money lenders are much more cautious in 2020"
"Deep Freeze" Heightened returns on construction debt have many lenders growing more fond of the "risk" of writing a construction loan that can patiently wait for the market to thaw.
Finance Magazine: Mortgage under water? ... We can help.
For the article "Squeaky Clean" about how even though the German Bank has gotten some bad press of late, it has kept a firm hold on its commercial real estate lending business.
Examining the Numbers: The Year in Review
Cover art for an article concerning financing issues of multifamily homes, and how many are seeing them as "safe, strong" investments in difficult times. Illustration of a highbred combo of castle and apartment complex.
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