For a story on the start of "satellite" offices in the suburbs
For an article about repurposing hotels into affordable housing.
Cover illustration for Co magazine about how previously toxic zones in New York are now being developed into livable spaces.
For the article "One Nation Under Blackstone"
For an article about how banks are leaving the city centers amid the pandemic.
For the article " Big Box Bust - Can the Major Hubs of Midtown South NY successfully reposition themselves after Covid-19?"
Riverton Developers Seek to Reclaim a Toxic Piece of New Jersey Coast.
Article about the struggling company wework not making it through the Virus shutdown.
The Opportunity Zones in NYC With Breakout Potential
Magazine Cover Illustration. 
Bronx Bound: The borough is suddenly teaming with things like a museum of Hip Hop, it's first Hip Hop bar, an esports stadium, and lots of new development.
Packing It in: Debt Funds Could Be in Trouble Should the Economy Tank
The Realestate rating game of chance.
Mixed Messages from Facebook
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